Technology offers/Partnerships

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 Technology offer 1: Neuroblastoma (licensing opportunity) Q-PCR test

A neuroblastoma prognostic classifier for improved prediction and patient stratification

 Technology_opportunity_Neuroblastoma_prognostic classifier FFMI v3

Prognostic test for Neuroblastoma

Experts: prof Jo Vandesompele, prof Frank Speleman


Technology offer 2: Breast cancer (licensing opportunity) IHC test

prognostic test for ER+ breast cancer  GTPase Rab27B biomarker

rab27_technology offer


Experts: prof Olivier De Wever and dr. An Hendrix


Technology offer 3: Colorectal cancer (licensing opportunity) IHC test

Identify patients at risk of developing resistance to HER1 inhibitors: NRG1 biomarker for colorectal cancer TO Neuregulin

Experts: prof Olivier De Wever


Technology offer 4: Targeted resequencing (licensing opportunity) Database

Database targeted resequencing assays for the full human exome

Ghent University Exome targeted reseq assays database

Experts: prof Jo Vandesompele and dr Steve Lefever

Tools and test models: Cancer invasion assays (services)

Cell invasion assay: collagen type I, Chorio-allantoid membrane (CAM) assay, Mice xenograft assay



Whole genome methylome sequencing, bisulfite sequencing, bioinformatic analysis, transcriptomics

research collaborations with partners of NXTGNT

Experts: prof Wim Van Criekinge, prof Dieter Deforce/

NXTGNT expertise



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