February 25th, 2015

Faculty of Bioscience Engineering, Coupure Links 653, 9000 Gent, Blok E auditorium E1.012

Biomarked@UGent is proud to present 3 spinoffs in Life Sciences and Biostatistics:

     Biogazelle https://www.biogazelle.com/

Biogazelle is a transcriptome analysis company, constantly improving their gene expression technology platforms, offering massively parallel sequencing workflows and qPCR/digital PCR validation services.

Biogazelle developed biomarker discovery platforms for both small (microRNA) and long RNAs (messenger or long non-coding), including state-of-art data-analysis and data-integration methods. We deal with challenging clinical samples, such as body fluids (serum, plasma, saliva, urine, etc.), ultralow input amounts (fine needle biopsies, single cells) and formalin fixed paraffin embedded tissues. Biogazelle is also developing a proprietary database of predicted functions for human lncRNAs.

Potential biomarker candidates are then further validated though our quantitative and digital PCR platforms. We designs assays and perform in silico and wet lab validation in order to generate  companion diagnostic tests or test to monitor therapy response or to detect early relapse.

pxlence pxlence.com/

pxlence is founded around the in house developed, state-of-the-art PCR primer design software package primerXL. Using this tool, almost one million PCR assays covering the entire human exome have been developed. The pxlence assays are intended for PCR amplification of patient DNA derived from both fresh frozen and formalin fixed paraffin embedded (FFPE) material. Using the assays, any exonic region of interest can be amplified for targeted (massively parallel) resequencing or to validate variants by means of Sanger sequencing. Approximately 3000 individual assays for 200 genes have been tested in a diagnostic setting with a wet-lab success rate exceeding 95%. Pxlence is a young startup, founded in February 2015.


Statter http://www.statter.be

Statter provides statistical services to private companies, government, research institutes and small businesses with a focus on life sciences (e.g. agriculture, biomarkers, biotechnology, early drug development, environmental sciences, genomics, non-clinical statistics, Pharma, phase IV and investigator-initiated clinical trials, surveys, …). Services include: Statistical data analysis, Guidance on study and experimental design, Reporting and scientific writing, Customized training, Advise and expert opinion. Statter is a Ghent University spin-off founded end 2014 and has its roots in the BioStat research group.


Program (25/02/2015)

14:00         spinoffs @UGent Introduction

P. Dhaese (business developer Life Sciences TT)

D. Flamez (IOF innovation manager BIOMARKED)


14:30         Biogazelle company presentation

K. Vanhercke (COO Biogazelle)


15:00        pxlence company presentation

S. Lefever (CTO pxlence)


15:30         Statter company presentation

O. Thas, E. Adriaens, JP. Ottoy


16:00         Meet and Discuss your project


Come and meet our 3 spinoffs. Interesting projects you want to discuss?

Contact Daisy.Flamez@UGent.be and register for a timeslot to discuss your project in a one-to-one with the experts.

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