BIOMARKED is the coordination center of a network of laboratories of Ghent University with focus and expertise in identification and validation of biomarkers for early diagnosis, prognosis/risk stratification and prediction towards therapy in cancer, inflammatory diseases and metabolic diseases. It combines multidisciplinary expertise of innovative technology platforms (f.e. next-generation genome analysis, -omics expertise) with clinical validation teams and strong expertise in bioinformatics.

Promotor of the consortium: prof dr ir Wim Van Criekinge

Technology Developer: dr Daisy Flamez


Biomarked combines expertise of 15 research teams in different faculties of Ghent University with active members in 4 spearheads of Ghent University and University Hospital:

Faculty of Bioscience Engineering :

– Laboratory of bioinformatics and computational genomics (Biobix): prof W. Van Criekinge (promotor-coordinator BIOMARKED) and partner of the spearhead informatics (N2N) expertise in bioinformatics, statistics, whole methylome and targeted methylomics, transcriptomics, biomarkers for diagnose, prognose and risk stratifcation in cancer, immune disorders, infectious diseases

– Laboratory of Biochemistry and Glycobiology: prof Els Vandamme: expertise in glycomics, lectins

Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences :

Center of Medical Genetics prof F. Speleman and prof J. Vandesompele: focus on hematological malignancies, neuroblastoma, melanoma, bioinformatics, NGS targeted resequencing, miRNA/lncRNA analysis

– Laboratory of Experimental Cancer Research: focus on breast cancer and colorectal cancer prof M. Bracke and prof O. De Wever

– Department Medical Oncology: prof S Van Belle and prof V. Coquyt

Spearhead Oncology UZGent focus Prognostic biomarkers in early breast cancer: therapeutic opportunities  Prof V. Coquyt and prof S. Van Belle (Medical Oncology), Prof R. Van Den Broecke & Prof G. Brams (Gynaecology), Prof. L Libbrecht (Pathology), Prof. M. Bracke & Prof. O. De Wever (Experimental Cancer Research)

Radiotherapy Department: head of department prof W. De Neve

Department Pathology: prof M. Praet

– Laboratory of Biomedical Physics and Radioprotection: prof H. Thierens

HIV reference center: prof L. Vandekerckhove

Gynaecology: prof H. Depypere

– Laboratory of Translational Research in Obstructive Pulmonary Diseases: prof G. Brusselle: focus on COPD

– Laboratory of Upper Airway Research Lab: prof C. Bachert: focus on astma

Faculty of Pharmacy :

– Laboratory of Pharmaceutical Biotechnology: prof D. Deforce: expertise in metagenomics, HPV research, transcriptomics , founding partner of NXTGNT

NXTGNT Center in Pharmaco(epi)genomics expertise in captured methylated DNA sequencing: genome wide MBD sequencing or targeted reduced bisulfite sequencing, transcriptomics, bioinformatics, personalized medicine for patient stratification towards therapy, discovery of new biomarkers for diagnosis

IRC Inflammation research center –  Laboratory for Medical Biotechnology prof N. Callewaert: (partner in spearhead Medical Biotechnology for biomedical research, diagnosis and therapy: Glycomics-based diagnostics development to enable novel approaches to study, diagnose and treat immune-system related disease and expertise in biological systems engineering (synthetic biology), Glycoconjugate engineering, High-throughput glycan profiling (glycomics), Mycobacterium-host interactions

Department of Biochemistry and VIB proteomics expertise center – prof K. Gevaert (partner in spearhead bioinformatics N2N and spearhead Group-ID) focuses on the development and applications of proprietary peptide-centric and mass spectrometry-driven proteomics techniques: COFRADIC – gel-free proteomics – bioinformatics – protein processing – protein modification





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